Connecticut's Best Heating Oil Delivery Company


Spring Brook Ice & Fuel delivers high-quality home heating oil at an affordable price. Residents of New Britain and Central Connecticut have trusted Spring Brook Ice & Fuel for reliable fuel oil deliveries for over 100 years. Today we proudly deliver renewable Bioheat® Fuel, offer automatic delivery services, provide heating equipment and heating oil tank installations, and many more services for our heating oil customers.

Customers Choose Spring Brook Ice & Fuel Because:

  • We offer 24 hour/365 days a year emergency heating system service
  • 100+ years of industry experience
  • Our mission is to serve your home like it is our own home
  • Automatic Personal Care

Seamless Home Comfort with Automatic Deliveries to Central Connecticut

Are you tired of reminding yourself to check your fuel tank gauge to avoid running out of fuel oil? Spring Brook Ice & Fuel has the solution. Enroll in our automatic delivery program, and you never have to check your fuel levels again!

We know when you will need a delivery because our computerized system uses your past heating oil usage and a state-of-the-art degree-day tracking system to calculate when we need to send a truck your way. Automatic deliveries eliminate the risk of forgetting to schedule a delivery or running out of fuel. We recommend it to all our heating oil customers because enrollment is FREE!


Flexible Payment Plans for Heating Oil Deliveries

Guaranteed Value Plan: Price Protection Plan

As a full-service fuel oil dealer, we understand how heating oil prices can fluctuate throughout the winter. The Guaranteed Value Plan eliminates the uncertainty around the price of heating oil from one day to the next. Benefits include:

  • A 12-month program that caps the highest price you will pay for heating oil.
  • You will never pay higher prices than what is agreed upon at the start of the plan.
  • You will be able to guarantee lower prices if the market falls below the cap rate throughout the season.

Budget Plan

Most of your heating oil expenses will come in a 3- or 4- month period during wintertime. A budget plan will spread your total heating costs for the winter over 12 months beginning in the summertime. Benefits include:

  • Paying the same predictable, low monthly payment every month.
  • Easily factoring your fuel bills into your monthly budget.
  • Avoiding hefty fuel bills in the winter.

Bulk Fuel Storage for Reliable Heating Oil Deliveries

Spring Brook Ice & Fuel has made a large investment in our own on-site fuel oil bulk storage facility. This gives us the flexibility to buy your fuel at the best price and have it on hand to deliver when you need it. Our storage also protects you during high demand periods like extended cold snaps, because we don’t have to vie with other fuel providers for limited supply – we already have it secure on our property. The on-site bulk storage also makes our deliveries more efficient because our drivers don’t need to make extra trips to distant fueling sites!

Spring Brook Ice & Fuel customers can rest assured that when you need a delivery, we have the fuel to keep you warm.


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24-Hour Emergency Delivery Service Throughout Central Connecticut

We are available 24 hours a day to provide emergency fuel oil deliveries to homes throughout Greater New Britain and the surrounding Central Connecticut region. Spring Brook Ice & Fuel customers have peace of mind knowing that we will be there for an emergency fuel delivery when you need us most.

For emergency deliveries, call us at (860) 225-6491.