Central Connecticut’s Premier Ice Delivery Company Since 1918


Communities throughout the Greater Hartford County area have relied on Spring Brook Ice & Fuel for dependable ice deliveries for over 100 years! It was back in 1918 when we first began sourcing ice from local ponds around New Britain and delivering it to homes and businesses. While our services have changed and expanded over the last century, our reliable ice deliveries have not!

We offer commercial deliveries and retail pick-up of:

  • Ice Cubes
  • Blocks of Ice
  • Dry Ice
  • And more!

Would you prefer to pick up your ice order? No problem! You can stop by Spring Brook Ice & Fuel during regular business hours Monday through Friday, and every Saturday, year-round, from 8am-12 noon.


How Does Dry Ice Work?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide at a temperature of -109.3 °F. Carbon dioxide doesn’t have a liquid state, which is why it turns into a thick white fog when it dissolves and doesn’t melt. Due to its extremely cold state, dry ice is ideal for transporting or preserving frozen foods and materials. It also makes dry ice very dangerous to handle without proper protection because it can result in burn-like injuries or frostbite in a matter of seconds.

Common Uses for Dry Ice Include:

  • Transporting or shipping refrigerated materials
  • Outdoor activities: fishing, camping, and boating
  • Visual effects for photography, film, and theater
  • Halloween special effects

Dry Ice Safety Precautions

Your safety comes first at Spring Brook Ice & Fuel. If you are interested in becoming a dry ice customer, please first review our safety tips to protect yourself when handling dry ice.

Handle Dry Ice with Care

  • Wear protective goggles, glasses, or a face shield.
  • Use tongs or a scoop to handle dry ice when possible.
  • Use loose fitting, insulated gloves for maximum protection.
  • Never handle dry ice with bare hands!
  • Do not use nitrile gloves!

How to Transport Dry Ice Safely

  • Only use appropriate containers to package your dry ice (non-sealable and not damaged by cold temperatures).
  • Packaging must allow for the release of CO2 gas.
  • Never seal a container with dry ice in it.
  • Only trained individuals can ship dry ice. Contact your shipping agency for specific details.

Interested in learning more about dry ice uses? Contact us at (860) 225-6491. We deliver dry ice for commercial purposes. It is available for retail pick-up at our office location 19 Woodland Street, New Britain, CT 06051 during regular business hours.