Emergency Service

No heat? Don’t be left in the cold—give us a call.

Whether you need emergency oil burner/heating equipment service or you’ve run out of oil, you can call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and our professional service technicians will get your home or business back in service as soon as possible!

We have been offering our customers emergency service since our company’s inception because your safety and comfort is our top priority. So if a situation arises, don’t panic—know that we’re here to help.


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For Emergency Service Call Us 24/7/365 at


No Heat Checklist


Is your emergency switch on?

Is there enough oil in your tank?

Is the thermostat set above the current room temperature?

If your thermostat is electronic, are the batteries dead?

For oil systems, press the RED reset button on the safety control one time only.

Check the fuse boxes for blown fuses or the circuit panel for tripped circuits.

Check burner switches—be sure they are in the “on” position. There is one near the burner and usually one at the top of the basement stairs.

If you are still without heat, give us a call.